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WS-PI 184

WS-PI 184 is a highly effective Type I non-yellowing photoinitiator for UV-polymerization of mono- or multi- functional groups (acrylate-) monomers and oligomers.

Chemical name 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone
CAS Registry No. 947-19-3
Structural formula
Molecular formula C13H16O2
Molecular weight 204.3

Physical Properties
Absorption 244 nm
Appearance white powder or white crystalline powder
Melting Point 46.0~50.0
Purity 99.0%

Overprint Varnish,Coatings on Plastics,Wood Coatings,Adhesives,Lithographic Inks,Silkscreen Inks,Flexo Inks,Electronics

20 kg carton

1.Keep tightly closed; 2.Store in a cool dry place.

Safety and handing
1.Wear chemical safety goggles, compatible chemical-resistant gloves and respirator; 2.Use safety shower and eye bath and mechanical exhaust required; 3.Avoid inhalation; 4.Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing; 5.Avoid prolonged or repeated exposure; 6.Wash thoroughly after handling.
Note: other sizes and packing available upon request
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